Friday, 7 November 2014

The Age of Technology and Learning

"Education is different these days". This is something we are hearing more and more. It would seem that everything is "different theses days". Computers, tablets, laptops, smartphones and the list goes on. We don't need to ask questions because we have Google. But do we really learn through these devices or merely store information that we may one day apply? 
I must admit, that for the last five years as an instructor, I have resisted and embraced technology. The fact is that I teach a hands on physically connected subject and do not see how it can be learned without ever having felt it. Yet, at the same time, there are reams and reams of theory that are acquired by reading and memorization in context. This being said, our connection to technology allows us to now place some of that knowledge at our fingertips rather than safely tucked away in our brains. This does not mean that we do not need to take in the information and process it in the context of our learning, but that we can delegate a certain amount of our learning to methods outside the classroom.
Our current youth is tuned into the flow of information and knowledge in the internet stream, and even my mother has a touch screen laptop, which means that.....
multi-generations are now conversant with technology as a form of learning. So, I admit that it is now possible to teach some of what I know over long distances and have it applied contextually to the hands on learning in person.
Windsong College of Healing Arts is now offering a full Combined Distance Diploma. This will allow students to study the theory by distance over a period of 9 or 14 months and then apply that theory in onsite classes specifically targeting hands on practical skills and practitioner training. Technology is "becoming my friend" as my daughter likes to put it and I am going to learn to let go of the preconceived notions that I had previously held in favour of integrating the present and the past. 
Once the theory has been studied, students may register for the 3 and a half month Onsite Practical portion of the program. This has many benefits, as it means less time out of their lives for retraining. Being able to learn and continue with work or other commitments at the same time and having relevant theoretical knowledge prior to working hands on. The best thing of all is a reduction in the cost of education due to the reallocation of resources. Check out our Schedule and tuition for the 2015 year and if it works for you... we'll see you in a "hangout" in 2015. 

In Light

Monday, 13 October 2014

Autumn Comes To Windsong With new Educational Paths

Students at Windsong School of Healing Ltd. are now attending classes in two venues. Our Certified Holistic Health & Shiatsu Practitioner Diploma is now offered through Windsong College of Healing Arts in Full Time, Part Time, and Combined Distance Studies. This allows students a wide variety in their educational choices from the Full Time 11 month intensive to taking module by module and earning professional recognition certificates until your program is completed and you have earned your Diploma. 

And our second venue... Aarastyn Holistic Awareness allows for short term and workshop study to be completed for certificates of completion that can be used towards prior learning in the College. Aarastyn offers Continuing education for members of the Shiatsu Therapy Association of BC as a resource school and for the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada Association in recognized courses for work in the industry of Holistic Practices and Oriental Bodywork.

So whether you are looking for a career, a hobby, or a continuing education credit ... Windsong School of Healing Ltd. has a course to fits your needs this Fall. 

See our website at or contact us at to find out more about walking you educational path.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Spring Brings New Growth to Aarastyn

This Spring, our personal training workshops and classes are growing! We have added the AcuChi Jin Shin 6 Month Training to our line up with Aarastyn Holistic Awareness. See our webpage at... Aarastyn Workshops for information on the workshops and class choices offered.

AcuChi Jin Shin offers training in the Japanese system of Strange Flows and Chakra balancing through Energy Medicine. This system allows us to enhance the flow of the Natural Life Energies inherent in our bodies, thereby balancing the body systems and encouraging the healing process. AcuChi Jin Shin is safe, simple, and works well for those who cannot undergo more rigorous therapies. The effect is deeply relaxing and allows the receiver to experience deeply energetic states of balance. As Mel reported 'when she first started touching me, I thought what is this going to do, I can't even feel it? The next thing I know, I am drifting off and completely relaxed! It felt so good and I felt excellent after'.

The classes are offered over 6 months of combined distance learning and onsite one-day weekend workshops. Learners will be given a manual of information and assignments to complete each month and will meet for a one-day hands on workshop to learn the correct methods of application and exchange sessions and learning. Aarastyn can host you in a dormitory style overnight or you can choose from the Bed and Breakfasts on our website or from around town if you are travelling from afar to take your workshop day.

The educational investment is $600 paid in Six $100 monthly payments or altogether at the beginning of the training. Upon successful completion of your training, you are given a certificate of title and achievement for AcuChi Jin Shin from your Master Teacher, Lori-Ann Macleod.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

How to Change the World
Just an opinion:
I often hear people say that the world is speeding up, somehow out of control and careening towards who knows what at an alarming rate...Could this be a reflection of the overwhelming amount of information and stimulation that a world immersed in technology surrounds us with? Or is it truly based in our own perception of things as we immerse ourselves so deep in our surroundings and our goals that we neglect to take the time to be aware of and enjoy the sensations and experiences that we are flying through while trying to get the Next Thing?

In reality, as I look around me, the world really hasn't changed that much. Mountains are still mountains, oceans are oceans, rocks are rocks and trees continue to sway and bend with the winds. What has changed is our perception of the world and our interaction in it.

Are you living in awareness? Are you mindful of the experiences you are involving yourself in? Or, do you reach each goal without knowing how you actually got there and then look back trying to piece your journey together from memory snippets? Somehow, our idea of living has been about racing towards the future and what we can accomplish, rather than seeing and feeling each moment in its presence and wonder.
When was the last time you buried yourself so deeply in a moment that time stopped? Or better yet, have you done it at all? If not, what are you running from and when you get there what are you running to? 

There are so many things in this world today that keep us from really taking a look at things with mindfulness. we are drenched in the fear of what ifs!! What if There is an accident? How can I insure against this? How can I control my surroundings so that nothing will ever happen? How can I manifest my future to be exactly what I want? The truth is, that there is no stopping the world and that in manifesting we have to know what it is that we want. So ask yourself, "Do you truly know what you want?", "Do you know what it looks like, tastes like, smells like, feels like, sounds like?" Cause the reality is that you will probably miss it in your quest towards it, while you push everything aside in order to get there.

"So, where am I going with this," you ask? "I don't know," I answer

I guess I am just trying to sort things out. For example, I have everything I have ever manifested and I am sitting in the middle of the most strangling situation I have ever been in. Part of that has to do with the fact that everything has to be insured, so that nothing happens. And whatever I do must be accepted and authorized, so that we can be sure that everyone else is happy with what they are getting. And then, of course, it all has to fit in a neat little bow that is dictated by the many rules and regulations, opinions and interpretations, observances and expectations of everyone and anyone else that have nothing to do with my manifestations at all. Because this is the world we now live in. It has become more about control, labeling, and justifying than it is about actually living in the experience and informing our existence with our senses and hearts.

So, how can we change this?

One person at a time.

Me, cause I am the only thing in this world that I have any choice about at all.

Enjoy Every Moment! 

Friday, 9 August 2013

Convocation 2013


May Your Journey be Fun and May You Travel with Light.

Aarastyn Holistic Awareness

Self Development and Health Improvement Workshops

Windsong School of Healing hosts Self Development Workshops for Aarastyn Holistic throughout the year. Join us for a taste of Holistic Learning. Out of town students can choose one of our recommended B&Bs or to stay dormitory style at the school (add 150.00 for school stay including meals).
Some of the workshops in our 2013-2014 line-up:

September 16 to 17 with Sarah Brune Bach Flower Level 1: Learn uses for 32 Bach Flower Remedies. Rescue Remedy for shock and stress, plant remedies for a variety of emotional and physical stress situations, remedies for long term imbalances all offered in this two day workshop. $325.00
September 20 to September 22 "Four Paws Bodytalk" Equine with Lori MacLeod. Working with Body Communications and AcuChi Shiatsu for Canines and Felines. Participants will learn Energy Medicine methods of communication with your pet through Auric Awareness and hands on bodywork to relieve imbalance and discomfort. This workshop focuses on preventative and maintenance health techniques to enhance the health and relationship of you and your pet. Friday night meet and greet Saturday and Sunday classes. Fee $250

September 23 to September 25 Awakening Earth Medicine with Sue Peters:Focused Self-Development for your Third Eye and Intuitive-Self. Discover Your Inner and Outer Self in this directed exploration of Energy medicine Lifeskills practice. Tune into the world around you and they way in which you interact with it. Clearing Energy, Tuning into Curves and Symbols, Recognizing and Communicating with the enrgy around you are some of the techniques explored in this 3 day class for beginners and existing energy workers. $295.00 Maximum 12 students per class.

September 26 to 27 with Sue Peters Plant Spirits Workshop Council of Trees. In this class we will observe the environment around us, reaching out to touch and open up our sense of insight. Our insight helps us to see intuitively and it awakens our inner knowing. Using our inner knowing and the surrounding forest, we will seek out our personal Counsel Of Trees – these trees offer us security and wisdom. We will choose three Counsels ~ The Tree of Acceptance, The Hearing Tree, and The Speaking Tree. After we have spent time with our Tree of Counsels we will gather together gifts from each tree and create a Medicine Bag of the strength, security, wisdom and love that they have willingly shared with us. This class involves journeying, ceremony, sound and movement. Maximum 12 students per class. $250.00

September 27 to 29 with Paper Artist Jan MacLeod.
Making Paper from Plants with Jan MacLeod: Participants in this workshop will join world known Artist Jan MacLeod in creating paper from plants that heve been gathered locally. Beginning with making molds and moving through gathering, cutting , and preparing the plants to be cast on screens you are taught to build and finally creating your own paper art on mats provided by Jan... Maximum 12 students per class. $250.00

September 30 to October 2 with Lori MacLeod Reiki Level 1/II Reiki Self Development and Bodywork. Traditional Usui Reiki taught in the three Pillars of Gassho, Reiji-Ho and Chiryo. Sign up by September 9th to start your Gassho Practice and self development in preparation for the Workshop Class. $395.00

October 4 to October 6 with Sue Peters Plant Spirits Workshop Making Seguros. Plant Spirit Medicine is a practice that begins with ritual, cleansing and prayer. It then shifts to a Shamanic Journey into non-ordinary reality seeking the Spirit of a particular plant. Before embarking upon the Shamanic Journey, always in a natural setting, considerable time is spent building intimacy with a particular plant using a process of careful observation, of human awareness and of asking questions. Walk through the forests and learn the plants that speak to healing and create plant spirit medicines in this2 day interactive workshop. Maximum 12 students per class.

October 18 to October 20 "Aromatherapy Around the Home" with Leah Ursic. Each day the participants will learn about individual oil profiles, which they will then incorporate into their own products to take home at the end of the day. They will make a general cleaning spray, moisturizing oil, room & carpet deodorizer, liniment for muscles aches and sprains, and some health and beauty aids. The first day is about you and the second about the home. Come and enjoy the Aroma... Friday night meet and greet Saturday and Sunday Classes. Fee $250.00

October 28 to October 30 with Lori MacLeod Reiki Advanced to Level 3 master Practitioner. Expanding your Reiki Awareness and using distance healing and off body healing techniques to compliment your Reiki Massage and treatments. $395.00

November 15 to November 17 Life Changing Pendulum Charts with Kathy Trew:This two day interactive pendulum workshop is being offered by Kathy Trew. Kathy has drawn from her background in intuitive healing including Retired RN, Karuna Level Two Reiki, Usui Reiki Master, Angel Intuitive, Reflexologist, Animal Communicator, Energy Healer and Spiritual Medium Intuitive. At the end of this two day pendulum chart workshop you will able to communicate with your Guides, using the charts, to access personal information regarding health, career, relationships, animal communication and what you need to do to take the next step in your life. $250.00 maximum 15 students per class.

November 18 to 19 & 21 to 22 with Georgina Cyr Modern Iridology Seminar. Reading the eye with IIPA Iridology and applying the use of herb therapies to the readings. Also Includes a one day Muscle Testing workshop with Lori MacLeod on the 20th. Learn to decipher the body through the eye and natural muscular reactions to the world around us. Iridology has long been used as the window to the body and the tissue condition through the reflex nerve reactions and the fluids of the eye and, in this workshop, is combined with the Kinesiology of muscle reaction to outside stimulus to determine the best herbs, foods and amounts for the body. $595.00 Maximum 15 students per class.

For More information Call 250-723-3307 or email

Friday, 4 January 2013

 Why a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner?

When I began working in the Wholistic Field over 20 years ago, there was an aura of voodoo around anything that smacked of Natural Health. For the past 12 years the world has been reconciling the entry into the 21st Century and the myriad of prophecies and world changing beliefs that have accompanied our journey into this century.

The world is changing... we are changing. We are no longer content to believe that we have no control over the outcome of our health and heart's desire. Rather, we have been exposed to "The Secret" and manifestation that opens our ability to see and understand the internal energy and power that can be accessed by the conscious mind. We are becoming more aware of the pulse of the world that surrounds us as technology moves our understanding and we raise our awareness of the beating of The Earth's rhythms surrounding our existence.

Modern Humankind is entering the era of awareness. We can feel the energy shifting and get caught up in the frenetic buzzing of energy waves around us. Time seems to move faster and the ability to cope becomes more difficult as the vibration becomes finer and finer.  Now, more than ever, we need to anchor our being in the earth's vibration and our own physical presence, to be fully aware and experience life as it should be. We need to be GROUNDED. 

Ungrounded energy is chaotic and unable to sustain its purpose or structure. It is easily distracted, diffused,  split, and destroys whatever it touches. Grounding allows a focused channel for our energy to travel along, ultimately reaching the goal and suffusing our outcome with vibrant purpose.

Grounding lies in ancient traditions, where humankind was deeply rooted in The Earth and her powers. As we have steadily moved forward towards the cosmos and technological expansion, we have lost touch with the balance that The Earth affords our solid being. Essentially splitting apart our Ethereal and Corporeal energies creating chaos for our Physical, Spiritual and Mental Being. The result is imbalance that leads to illness of the body and disharmony of the mind. Our sense of peace and self cannot come together and we are left in a constant state of disconnection and disruption.

The modern pioneers of Wholistic/Holistic Medicine recognized the need for the "old ways" to be reborn for modern man. We are children of technology and of proof. We value knowing rather than believing, and therefore have to have science validate the existence of things. Allopathic Medicine filled in the scientific treatment of the body, but fell desperately short in dealing with the mind and spirit, which are best served energetically. The pioneers of Wholistic/Holistic Medicine saw a need to bring the ancient ways to a modern technological society and began to bring us methods that combine energy and structure to work with the full being and the rhythmic nature of Humankind.

The modern Holistic Health Practitioner incorporates Earth Energy with Science and Technology to bring harmony to the 3 aspects of being. Mind, Body and Spirit are fused in multifaceted treatments that incorporate breath, touch, and vibration. Many societies already benefit greatly from the union of Allopathic and Traditional  Medicine. Each having its own nature of healing and strengthening the entire being. Volumes of studies now exist to support the union of science and nature in healing. And the acceptance of Holistic medicine is becoming mainstream. Holistic practices are quickly becoming the roots of our grounding in the 21st Century and will continue to manifest a stronger healthier balance between Mind, Body and Spirit as they begin to take root in the fabric of health and healing for Modern Humankind.

Fr more information on the CHHP™ title and training, contact Windsong School of Healing at General Inquiries