Friday, 4 January 2013

 Why a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner?

When I began working in the Wholistic Field over 20 years ago, there was an aura of voodoo around anything that smacked of Natural Health. For the past 12 years the world has been reconciling the entry into the 21st Century and the myriad of prophecies and world changing beliefs that have accompanied our journey into this century.

The world is changing... we are changing. We are no longer content to believe that we have no control over the outcome of our health and heart's desire. Rather, we have been exposed to "The Secret" and manifestation that opens our ability to see and understand the internal energy and power that can be accessed by the conscious mind. We are becoming more aware of the pulse of the world that surrounds us as technology moves our understanding and we raise our awareness of the beating of The Earth's rhythms surrounding our existence.

Modern Humankind is entering the era of awareness. We can feel the energy shifting and get caught up in the frenetic buzzing of energy waves around us. Time seems to move faster and the ability to cope becomes more difficult as the vibration becomes finer and finer.  Now, more than ever, we need to anchor our being in the earth's vibration and our own physical presence, to be fully aware and experience life as it should be. We need to be GROUNDED. 

Ungrounded energy is chaotic and unable to sustain its purpose or structure. It is easily distracted, diffused,  split, and destroys whatever it touches. Grounding allows a focused channel for our energy to travel along, ultimately reaching the goal and suffusing our outcome with vibrant purpose.

Grounding lies in ancient traditions, where humankind was deeply rooted in The Earth and her powers. As we have steadily moved forward towards the cosmos and technological expansion, we have lost touch with the balance that The Earth affords our solid being. Essentially splitting apart our Ethereal and Corporeal energies creating chaos for our Physical, Spiritual and Mental Being. The result is imbalance that leads to illness of the body and disharmony of the mind. Our sense of peace and self cannot come together and we are left in a constant state of disconnection and disruption.

The modern pioneers of Wholistic/Holistic Medicine recognized the need for the "old ways" to be reborn for modern man. We are children of technology and of proof. We value knowing rather than believing, and therefore have to have science validate the existence of things. Allopathic Medicine filled in the scientific treatment of the body, but fell desperately short in dealing with the mind and spirit, which are best served energetically. The pioneers of Wholistic/Holistic Medicine saw a need to bring the ancient ways to a modern technological society and began to bring us methods that combine energy and structure to work with the full being and the rhythmic nature of Humankind.

The modern Holistic Health Practitioner incorporates Earth Energy with Science and Technology to bring harmony to the 3 aspects of being. Mind, Body and Spirit are fused in multifaceted treatments that incorporate breath, touch, and vibration. Many societies already benefit greatly from the union of Allopathic and Traditional  Medicine. Each having its own nature of healing and strengthening the entire being. Volumes of studies now exist to support the union of science and nature in healing. And the acceptance of Holistic medicine is becoming mainstream. Holistic practices are quickly becoming the roots of our grounding in the 21st Century and will continue to manifest a stronger healthier balance between Mind, Body and Spirit as they begin to take root in the fabric of health and healing for Modern Humankind.

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